China-related publications and events of Prof. Dr. Reisach

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Reisach, U. (2017) Innovation in China and Germany - A Cross-Cultural Comparison, FU Berlin, November 17-18,2017. Program:

Creativity and Innovation in Applied Sciences and Industry Cooperation

Mehr Infos:
Creativity and Innovation in Applied Sciences and Industry Cooperation

Mehr Infos:

Reisach, U. (2017) Global Chinese Business Networks. In: Damm, Jens, Leutner, Mechthild and Niu, Dayong (Hg./ed.): China's Interaction with the World: Historical and Contemporary Aspects, Berliner China-Hefte No. 49, Chinese History and Society, pp54-71, Muenster, ISSN 1860-2290.

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Hong Kong and Shenzhen Excursion of the Information Management Department of HNU University of Applied Sciences, June 5-11, 2016, with company visits to Lucky Top International Trading, Moso Power, Huawei, Chamber of Industry and Commerce, BASF, SAP, City University of Hong Kong.

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Beijing/Hangzhou/Shanghai Excursion of the Information Management Department of HNU University of Applied Sciences, Nov. 14-21, 2015, with company visits to Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Serviceplan, SAP, Audi, Wensli Silk, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou.

German-Chinese Business Dialogue 中德经济对话. Organizers: Economic Council and Chinese Chamber of Trade in Germany. Venue: Chinese Embassy in Berlin. Moderation: Prof. Dr. U. Reisach, Berlin, Sept. 24.

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Reisach, U. (2015) Objectives and Core Areas of Chinese Investors in Germany. Speech at the Forum for Political Education, Lohr/Main.

China 2030: Szcenarios and Strategies for Germany Contribution to Expert-Workshops by Bertelsmann-Foundation and Fraunhofer ISI. March, May and November 2015, Berlin.

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