Ulrike Reisach has published 12 books( monographies). Her more than 50 articles on International Management, Corporate Culture and Communication mainly appeared in German or English (or French or Chinese). The English ones are shown below. Articles published in French or Chinese are listed in the sub-sections on China and Europe.

Publications: Publications_Science_U_Reisach_May_2019.pdf (285,5 kB), Monographies/Books: Publications UR_Books_2019.pdf (157,3 kB);

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Most recent publications available in English:

Reisach, Ulrike: Global Chinese Business Networks. In: Damm, Jens, Leutner, Mechthild and Niu, Dayong (Hg./ed.): China's Interaction with the World: Historical and Contemporary Aspects, Berliner China-Hefte No. 49, Chinese History and Society, pp54-71, Berlin 2017, ISSN 1860-2290.

Mehr Infos:

Reisach, U. (2018) Strategic considerations of Chinese Investors in Europe. In: Franceschini, I. and Loubere, N.:  MADE IN CHINA YEARBOOK 04/2018, pp. 28-33. Australian National University Press (ANU), Canberra.

Reisach, U. (2018) AI: China's master plan. Consequences for economy and society from a Chinese and European perspective. In: China Contact, The Foreign Trade Magazine, Hamburg Summit Special, 11/2018, pp 26-27, owc publishing, ISSN 1869-3539. China-s AI Masterplan_UR in CC_HH-Summit_2018_Web.pdf (524 kB)

Reisach, U. (2018) Artificial Intelligence and Ethics - an International Comparison of Perceptions and Policies. Stream leader and presentation at the 29th Conference of the European Federation of Operational Research Societies (EURO) in Valencia, Spain.

Reisach, U (2017) Global Chinese Business Networks. In: Damm, Jens, Leutner, Mechthild and Niu, Dayong (Hg./ed.): China's Interaction with the World: Historical and Contemporary Aspects, Berliner China-Hefte No. 49, Chinese History and Society, pp54-71, Muenster 2017, ISSN 1860-2290.

Reisach, U. (2016) The Creation of Meaning and Critical Ethical Reflection In Operational Research. In: Operational Research and Ethics. Special edition of the EURO Journal on Decision Processes 4(1), 5-32, Springer, 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s40070-014-0029-6. Full text available here:

Reisach, U., DeTombe, D. and Weber, G.-W. (2015) International Aspects of Operational Research. Editorial. In Central European Journal of Operational Research (CEJOR), Springer Dec. 2015.  DOI: 10.1007/s10100-015-0433-4.

Reisach, U. (2015) Political Foresight and Societal Complexity Research for the Refugee Issue. A Feature on the Methodology of Societal Complexity for Governments. In: International Federation of Operational Research Societies (ed.): IFORS News, Dec. 2015, pp. 14-15

Reisach, U./Weilemann, M. (2015) Organisational Aspects and Benchmarking of E-learning initiatives - A case study with South African Community Health Workers; Global Health Promotion, Sage London, accepted Aug. 2014; publ. online March 2015. DOI: 10.1177/1757975914567178

Reisach, U. (2014) Dealing with Risks and Uncertainties in OR and Corporate Foresight. In: International Federation of Operational Research Societies (ed.): IFORS News, Dec. 2014. UR Corporate Foresight - Dealing with Risks_IFORS-News_2014.pdf (2363975)

Reisach, U. (2013) Corporate Foresight and Strategic Decision Making: Dealing with societal complexity, III-2 in: DeTombe, DJ (Ed.) Book of Abstracts of the 26th European Conference on Operational Research Rome 2013, Euro Working Group Methodology of Societal Complexity (MSC) Volume 26, Greenhill & Waterfront, Amsterdam 2013, ISBN/EAN 978-90-77171-41-7

Reisach, U. (2013) Political Decision Making Processes in China and OR Support, Feature for IFORS NEWS, December 2013, p.16-18, IFORS News December-2013_UR_PolDecChina.pdf (1303164)


Books and major studies on international topics published in German:

Reisach, U. and Stirzel, M. (2019) Intelligente Mobilität in China - ein Beispiel für Deutschland? Congress-paper zur Keynote Speech der InnoSüd-Innovationskonferenz „Die intelligente Mobilität von morgen“ am 09.05.2019 (mit Stirzel, M.)

Reisach, Ulrike (ed.): The Chinese Health Care System: Structures and Constituents – Challenges and Experiences, 297 pages, Medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Berlin, ISBN: 978-3-95466-303-3.

Reisach, Ulrike (ed.): Communication and Integration. 271 pages, Achter Verlag, March 2017. ISBN 9783981767445.

Reisach, U.: Political and Economic Framework Conditions and Strategic Interests of Chinese Investors in Germany. Research for the Hans-Boeckler Foundation, Duesseldorf, Germany January 2016

Erlach, C./Orians, W./Reisach, U.: Knowledge Transfer in Case of Experts Leaving the Company: How to Preserve and Pass on Tacit Knowledge Based on Experience, 296 Pages, Carl-Hanser-Verlag Munich, 2013. Knowledge transfer_bookinfo.pdf (405,4 kB)

Meier, R./Reisach, U. (Eds): The Rise of the Middle Kingdom: Living and Working between Confucianism, Socialism and Globalization. 192 pages, Casimir Katz-Verlag, Gernsbach 2008. ISBN 978-3-938047-37-8

Reisach, U./Tauber, T./ Yuan, X.: China – Business Partner between Wish and Reality. 478 pages, Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft, Heidelberg, four editions 1997-2007, Book information in English: Book information_China_Reisach_Englisch.pdf (859,7 kB), ISBN 978-3-636-01404-7

Reisach, U.: The Globalization of Management Styles. 281 pages, Publisher: Econ (Ullstein), Berlin 2007, Book information in English: Reisach Globalization of American Management Styles[1].pdf (72,9 kB),  ISBN 978-3-430-20007-3


Books for adolescent readers:

Reisach, U./Köthe, R.: Europe. 48 pages, Tessloff Publishing, How and Why Series (WAS IST WAS), Nurenberg, jearly updates 2002-2013, Licence Editions published in he PR China, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia. ISBN 978-3-7886-1500-0

Reisach, U.: Business & Economy. 58 pages, Tessloff Publishing, How and Why Series (WAS IST WAS), Nurenberg 2002. Recommended by iw Cologne, Federal Ministry of Economy Berlin, Bavarian Radio Broadcasting, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Children’s Universities St. Gallen and TU Munich, Business and Teacher Associations, School Books Editors. PM WIW Wirtschaft_neu.pdf (77,2 kB). ISBN 3-7886-0824-2

Reisach, U.: How to Plan, Manufacture and Sell an Airplane? Verena and Dennis discover a company and its employees' skills. 24 pages, German Savings Banks Publishing, School Service Editions, Stuttgart 2002, special edition for South Africa 2012. Cover_airplane_2.pdf (136,2 kB)