Prof. Dr. Ulrike Reisach 冉珊鹤, is full-time professor and Commissioner for International Affairs at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Information Management Department, in Bavaria/Germany. She is teaching Intercultural Management, International Business Negotiations and Institutional, Ethical and Cultural Aspects of International Corporate Communications and Media Management in bachelor’s and master’s classes. As an expert on corporate foresight and innovation/internationalization strategies and as a speaker and visiting professor, she is presenting, coaching and advising in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, and in the USA.

For 20 years, she has held management positions for international relations and international strategy development, such as Director Corporate Communication and Government Affairs and Director Market Intelligence, Strategy and Trends for the Siemens HQ’s Corporate Development and Strategy Department. Based on her experience in many projects in Asia, especially in the People’s Republic of China and in the USA, she has published 12 books and numerous scientific articles on international management. Several editions of her book on German-Chinese Economic Co-operation have been leading textbooks for German managers’ preparation for China. She is engaged in think tanks, research projects and working groups and a member of the China Expert Group at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the Chinese-German Innovation Dialogue and Platform.

Further memberships: Münchner Kreis – The Orientation for the Digital Transformation, Academic Association for Intercultural Studies, German Academic Scholarship Program and Bavarian Max-Weber Program’s Alumni and Supporters’ Circles.

Prof. Reisach speaks English, French, German, Italian and a bit of Japanese. Preferred languages for articles and presentations are English and German.

For more details see Ulrike Reisach CV English_March_2018_Web.pdf (171992) and International Delivery Success_UR 03_2018_web.pdf (185904)